No Shans among freed prisoners No Shans among freed prisoners Finding none of their leaders among the 9,002 prisoners released by junta authorities on Tuesday, Shans both inside and outside Burma have settled down to a period of depression. 24 Septem 景觀設計ber 2008“We are delighted U Win Tin (one of the co-founders of the National League for Democracy leader who had been imprisoned since 1989) and others are finally out,” said Sai Lake, spokesperson 西服for the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD). “But we also find it extremely disappointing that none of our leaders are among them.” He was referring to the surviving 8 Shan activists who were 酒店工作 arrested and sentenced to long-term jail sentences in 2005, from 13-106 years. Shans in exile also issued a statement denouncing the regime’s mass prisoner release as “a publicity stunt.” Amnesty International meanwhi 建築設計le argues that 2,100 political prisoners still remain behind bars. “The junta has missed another opportunity to bring about national reconciliation,” remarked a former SNLD member who has been making a living in Thailand for a number of y 租屋網ears. The Special Bureau officials had during the past few months visited at least Khun Tun Oo, leader of the SNLD and elected Member of Parliament in 1990, and Sai Nyunt Lwin, the party’s general secretary 4 times, according to a senior SNLD member. “Bo 租房子th were asked whether they were ready to quit politics,” he said. “But both had declined to take up the offer.” Khun Tun Oo aka Hkun Htoon Oo, who is serving 93 years in Putao, Burma’s northernmost town, is said to be highly respected by the inmates, among whom ar 房地產e former followers of the deposed prime minister Gen Khin Nyunt. Sai Nood aka Sai Nyunt Lwin, sentenced to 85 years, in the meanwhile, is said to be sharing a prison cell in Kalemyo with two former brigadier generals: Than Tun and Tin Hla. Others are:Maj-Gen Hso Ten, 106 years, in K 租屋網hamtiSai Hla Aung, 79 years, in KyaukphyuTun Nyo, 79 years, in ButhidaungNyi Nyi Moe, 79 years, in PakokkuMyo Win Tun, 79 years, in Myingyanand Sao Oo Kya, 13 years, in Mandalay. One of their colleagues “Math” Myint Than died on 2 May 2006 in Sandoway while serving 79 years. “The only one who 酒店經紀 got off scot-free was Sao Tha Oo,” according to a senior SNLD member. “He agreed to become a witness for the prosecution and gave false statements as dictated by the junta authorities. Being Judas, he’s no more seen around Shan circles nowadays.” 建築設計ners  .
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